We reserve all other rights and claims we might have. Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/associates!.?.!Yes,”warmest relates to.”Anyhow, I didn’t have the vaguest idea of what I was discussing, and wasn’t doing exactly what they accused me of doing, so I composed back: I believe this is a mistake on your part. To the finest of my understanding, I am not sending traffic indirectly to Amazon from
, “as designated by the challenged hard-Left propaganda smear group, the Southern Poverty Law Center( SPLC). The short article stated: Till recently [yeah, three years prior to this post was composed], Amazon enabled Jihad Watch to get involved in a program that promiseda cut of any book sales that the website created. All 3 business have policies that say they do

n’t work with hate groups.Jihad Watch is among numerous sites that monetize their extremist views through relationships with technology companies … Amazon spokesperson Angie Newman said the business had formerly eliminated Jihad Watch and three other websites identified by ProPublica from its program sharing income for book sales, which is called Amazon Associates. When ProPublica mentioned that the websites still carried working connect to the program, she said that it was their obligation to remove the code.”They are not paid as an Associate no matter exactly what links are on their site as soon as we eliminate them from the Associates Program,”she said.The clear ramification is that Amazon got rid of Jihad Watch from the Associates program because we’re supposedly a”hate group.”But you’ll discover that in its correspondence with me, Amazon said nothing of the kind, and rather proffered gobbledygook about how we were”sending traffic indirectly to the Amazon site through automated redirection from another

web website, “which we weren’t in fact doing.The same thing simply occurred with Legal Insurrection: as you can see from Jacobson’s article, they didn’t come out and state that they were axing Legal Insurrection for being conservative. Rather, they provided the very same incorrect accusations of abuse of their program, with no opportunity to appeal, that they used me.It’s clear exactly what Amazon is doing, and it’s clear that they’ve been doing it for

years. However they don’t even have the integrity to own up to it, and rather aim to conceal it in a blizzard of Kafkaesque false charges, where they play judge, jury and executioner.They require to be called out for what they’re doing, which is why I’m writing this post now, even though Jihad Watch was dropped from the Associates program

nearly 4 years earlier. Legal Insurrection and Jihad Watch should be reinstated to the Associates program, and the Amazon charities program must be opened as much as 501c3 organizations that are currently banned from it(including Jihad Watch )on spurious “hate “charges.

You’ll discover that I still have Amazon links all over the site. That’s because Amazon is basically a monopoly today; there is no practical option other than Barnes & Noble, and they’re no much better. But Amazon’s monopoly status is even more factor why this unjustified and unequal treatment should stop, or Amazon needs to be separated in accord with anti-trust laws.Consider that like Facebook, Amazon actually is not interested in working with individuals to deal rationally and relatively with their associates, as evidenced by the emails Spencer received.Still, what’s hypocritical about Amazon is while they declare they will not engage in organisation with Spencer and his site due to his views and supposed redirecting, they continue to sell his books and generate income off of them

. Amazon is selling terrorist recruitment material and bomb-making manuals including a vicious novel by Osama Bin Laden and jihadi books banned in British prisons, a MailOnline investigation has revealed.The online seller provides titles by imprisoned clerics and those expelled from Britain, resulting in allegations that it is spreading the jihadis’message for them.Many of the books, which have radicalised thousands of worldwide terrorists, are available for next-day shipment. Some can be downloaded instantly as Kindle editions anywhere in the world.The listing for Osama Bin Laden’s sadistic novel on Amazon’s Goodreads

website explains the 9/11 mastermind as’an inspiration to millions ‘and’a man of peace and culture’… ‘This is Amazon giving help to terrorists and putting lives at risk,’Mr Mann informed MailOnline. ‘We’ve just had the anniversary of the Manchester battle. They have to be held to account.’Amazon is enabling terror product to circulate. Free speech arguments do not use when

it concerns terrorists aiming to recruit. There should be a full authorities investigation into Amazon.’I’m not necessarily versus someone selling or checking out a book. I’m not pro-censorship because vein.

The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding!Does Amazon demonetize Islamic jihadi groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations or other Muslim Brotherhood front groups? I’m thinking not

, but speak that truth about Islam, like Robert Spencer and they will look for to silence you, or a minimum of remove your capability to money the promotion of truth.Don’t forget to Like Liberty Outpost on Facebook, Google Plus, & Twitter. You can also get Flexibility Station provided to your Amazon Kindle device here.