Money Has To Do With Life Is About Mastering Money

July 16, 2018

//Money Is About Life Life Is About Mastering Money

Money Is About Life Life Is About Mastering Money

Money is​ About Life: Life is​ About Mastering Money
Too often we​ get caught up in​ our lives to​ worry about finances .​
The problem is​ that finances are in​ many cases why our lives are so hectic .​
This phenomenon is​ all too common .​
I​ say we​ because I​ face the​ very same difficulties – even though I​ am a​ financial advisor .​
I like most people would like to​ live a​ life where someone else did the​ things around the​ house and at​ the​ office that I​ don’t want to​ do,​ I​ would like to​ be able to​ spend time at​ an​ emotionally meaningful and challenging profession,​ I​ would like to​ spend time with my wife and kids,​ and I​ would like some down time to​ do whatever I​ opt to​ do .​
Given these financial goals I​ often wonder what I​ (and my clients) are doing to​ work towards those goals .​
I​ (and most of​ my clients) spend a​ lot of​ time around the​ house and office doing things I​ (we) don’t want to​ do .​
I​ find excuses for not hiring someone to​ do those things .​
Instead of​ focusing my energies at​ work on​ things that are emotionally meaningful (such as​ stewarding money towards charitable causes) and challenging (such as​ structuring complex partnership agreements),​ I​ tend to​ spend my days pushing paperwork and setting up accounts .​
Yet,​ I​ have spent very little time thinking about how to​ remedy this situation .​
When I​ start thinking about these issues,​ I​ often make excuses (such as​ if​ I​ want it​ done right,​ I​ have to​ do it​ myself) .​
I spend a​ lot of​ hours in​ the​ office and even when I​ am at​ home I​ end up doing tasks that are away from my wife and children (such as​ mowing the​ lawn or​ repairing a​ leaky faucet) .​
I​ could easily hire this type of​ work out,​ but somehow I​ always end up just doing it​ myself .​
I have a​ lot of​ interests,​ such as​ coaching my son’s soccer team,​ reading classic literature (especially 18th century thrillers),​ and restoring old run down Volvos .​
Other than the​ coaching,​ I​ never seem to​ find time to​ do these things that I​ enjoy.
At this point you might be thinking,​ so what does that have to​ do with finances? the​ answer is​ that it​ has everything to​ do with finances .​
Each decision is​ predicated on​ either earning more money or​ spending less money .​
That is​ the​ rub .​
The dirty secret that is​ all too taboo in​ our society .​
Money,​ if​ used properly,​ can in​ fact make your life better .​
In all of​ the​ financial advice I​ give my clients,​ one message remains the​ same: your money is​ your happiness .​
Secure your money and you will secure your life .​
Of course this advice means different things to​ different people .​
The do-it-yourselfer may read this to​ mean that they should be frugal and save every penny,​ to​ have a​ brighter tomorrow .​
The fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of​ person might read it​ to​ mean that they should spend everything to​ have a​ brighter today .​
Luckily they are both right .​
Each individual can and should examine what is​ important to​ them .​
They should set out (I mean by actually writing it​ down) a​ plan in​ light of​ what is​ important to​ them .​
They should take steps over time to​ fully implement that plan and they should review the​ plan periodically to​ ensure that they are still pursuing goals that are important to​ them .​
This is​ what I​ teach clients and this is​ what I​ try to​ implement in​ my own life .​
I spend more time at​ home with my family and I​ hire rather than do some things myself .​
In short I​ force myself to​ do what is​ not what I​ would normally do .​
After exploring my (and my wife’s) goals,​ that was what was important to​ us .​
Having made a​ lot of​ progress towards these goals,​ I​ can tell you that my life is​ a​ thousand times better today than when I​ started .​
I​ fully expect it​ to​ be a​ thousand times greater in​ the​ future .​
This is​ what true financial planning is​ all about .​
If you have not explored your goals,​ I​ urge you to​ do so now .​
If you haven’t met with a​ financial professional to​ discuss your goals,​ I​ urge you to​ do so today .​
Once you start making progress towards your goals,​ you will wonder why you didn’t do so sooner.


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