Greg Hunter— Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says the huge elephant in the global financial room, that no one desires to acknowledge, is the still “missing” $21 trillion from the DOD and HUD. Kirby competes, “They don’t wish to think it. They don’t wish to think that, at least, $21 trillion in extra dollars has actually been produced out of thin air. It is siloed, and I would say it is siloed in dark places like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF), which is the secretive adjunct to the U.S. Treasury.

“I would also compete that this massive cache of dark money is exactly what is used to do cheats like rig the rare-earth elements market since that is an extremely costly operation to bring out. That is not a sustainable sort of thing. The Fed … knew years and years ago that they were going to strike a point where the amount of cash that they would have to be taken into the system would need to grow vertically. This is why they produced and siloed at least $21 trillion extra dollars.”

Kirby also states the extra $21 trillion “missing out on” dollars has actually been a well-kept secret. Kirby says, “This is a real trick, and I am going to state a real secret of the Deep State. This is why everyone avoids this at all costs.”

What is the disadvantage to massive cash printing? Kirby says, “Is whatever going to be fine in America when people truly recognize how much money there really is in existence. When individuals understand rather of money supply being “X,” and it’s truly 10 times “X,” is everything going to be alright then? I do not believe so. When there is widespread acceptance that the loan supply is not “X,” however it is 10 times “X,” 10 “X” is going to come house to America extremely quickly. That 10 “X” worth of loan is going to be purchasing anything that isn’t pin down things, and it may be purchasing things that are pin down. We are going to get a run-away inflation. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. It’s not a question of if, it’s only a question of when.”

Kirby, who is likewise a broker of physical precious metals by the heap for rich clients, says people are quietly panicking. Kirby describes, “If you take a look at a duck crossing the water, it looks really elegant. If you take a photo of what’s going on beneath the waterline, you see the duck paddling seriously.In the valuable metals space, exactly what we see above the waterline is the reckless suppression of physical valuable metals … however exactly what’s actually going on below the waterline is mega, mega money is on a ‘look for and acquire’ objective to protect physical valuable metals in quantities that would stagger a lot of individuals … There will come a point where physical valuable metal will be hard, if not difficult, to discover in exchange for fiat currency … The quantity of loan looking for physical precious metals would alarm a lot of people. You are talking stupid quantities of money.”

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