JN Money Online service reached United States and UK

September 28, 2018

JN Loan Solutions (JNMS) has actually extended its JN Loan Online service to make it possible for individuals in the United States and the UK to remit funds to any market where JN Loan runs.

JN Cash Online was initially established in 2016, as an e-commerce website for Jamaicans in Canada to pay expenses, and perform deals with 3rd celebration monetary organizations in Jamaica.The service offers clients with more options and convenience to transfer funds; and, position itself as the “remittance company of option, “through increased digital access, JN Loan Services stated in a press release following the launch earlier today.”A part of our mission is to supply our clients with security, affordability and convenience through numerous payment channels, “described Horace Hines, basic supervisor, JN Loan Solutions, owners and operators of the JN Cash brand name.”With technology becoming a dominant feature of the remittance market, presenting our online platform gives consumers safety, affordability and convenience while taking advantage of brand-new technologies.”Hines stated the business is happy to provide the service to more people in the Diaspora after at first introducing in Canada.” We at first released in Canada, as that market consisted of numerous young experts, who preserve close ties with persons in Jamaica

. We understood that the service enabled them to carry out transactions anytime and anywhere; and offers the chance to honour their dedications in Jamaica; along with, add to the economy by way of remittances,”he explained.Since its establishment, JN Money Online continues to grow, as more clients benefited from the remittance and other technological services throughout our 3 main markets.

“Our consumers can send loan via our online service to any of our areas and the cash is received in real time,”specified Hines.”They can likewise send cash to our JN Cash card; and the card can be utilized as a debit card, which makes it possible for consumers to access their funds from any ATM; or, use it at any Point-of-Sale maker. “He likewise revealed that JN Cash would likewise be releasing its mobile app quickly, in addition to other technological innovations geared to allow Jamaicans abroad to stay gotten in touch with their enjoyed ones back house.” Our online services currently offer consumers the benefit required conduct transactions whenever they require to. This technique represents our desire to keep our clients connected with their loved

ones. Our mobile app, when completed, will also facilitate remittance transactions’on the go,’which remains in keeping with our digital services,”he added.Based in Kingston, and a member company of The Jamaica National Group, JN Cash Solutions operates in a number of other Caribbean nations, including Haiti and Dominica; and keeps a substantial and growing operation in the UK, the U.S.A., Canada, and Ghana.



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