NetOne Gains 93% On Mobile Loan Users

October 26, 2018

Industrial data launched by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) have revealed that state owned mobile network operator, NetOne has understood a massive 93% increase in mobile money subscribers.NetOne’s mobile monetary technology division, OneMoney now host over 152,000 active users on its platform signifying an enormous gain from the 78,968 tape-recorded in the very first quarter of 2018. The mobile cash service is getting more traffic after

re-branding from OneWallet to OneMoney last year.NetOne’s gain is originating from a general favorable performance in Zimbabwe’s bid to attain an overall cashless economy whose sustainability has actually been stimulated by the adoption of mobile money innovations resulting in the country’s improved financial inclusion.

The Potraz 2nd quarter report also shows that the overall variety of active mobile cash memberships increased by 12.6% to reach 5,634,511 from 5,005,625 recorded in the previous quarter. All the mobile operators
knowledgeable growth in the number of mobile cash subscriptions as revealed in Table 6 below:

The number of active mobile money subscriptions is expected to continue growing as mobile money has actually become a reliable mode of transaction provided the cash shortages in the economy. As shown above, NetOne experienced the biggest leap in active mobile loan memberships by 93%; for this reason the 1.1% growth in their market share to reach 2.7% from 1.6% taped in the previous quarter.NetOne’s positive gain in OneMoney customers also straight influenced the boost in the variety of mobile loan representatives which rose by 19.9%to reach 41,764 from 34,841 recorded in the very first quarter of 2018.


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