GUEST OPINION: From Political Dark Loan to Judicial Dark Money

November 2, 2018

By Burt Field, Defend Santa Clara

Yesterday, a law office with connections to the 49ers filed a pointless lawsuit against Mayor Lisa Gillmor about how she files her financial interest forms.Months back, the firm was told by the District Attorney that there was absolutely no benefit to their problem. Here’s what District Lawyer Jeff Rosen composed:”The general public Stability Unit investigated whether earnings

to Public Property Advisors was effectively reported on Mayor Gillmor’s Kinds 700. After evaluating documents, interviewing witnesses, carrying out legal research, and speaking with an FPPC representative, we concluded that Ms. Gillmor effectively reported the earnings.”However they filed a claim anyway– simply 2 weeks before the election

when Mayor Gillmor is on the ballot.This advises us of 2016 when the dark loan group call BluPAC was sending out unfavorable mailers and text to Santa Clarans to try to buy our city board elections . The dark cash group had various ties to the 49ers. The group would not reject their involvement in funding BluPAC.Now, McManis Faulkner, a major San Jose law practice, is submitting the suit versus Mayor Gillmor on behalf of Brian Exline– a Santa Clara University law student.

It’s not believable that Mr. Exline is paying the company. So who is? Is it the 49ers? Is this the equivalent of “dark cash” being utilized in our judicial system?Let’s hope the true source of funding is uncovered. Above all, let’s hope that voters reject somebody utilizing an unimportant claim right prior to the election. I think they will and Mayor Gillmor will take pleasure in a huge victory on election night.Editor’s Note: Burt Field is one of the founders of Defend Santa Clara– “a guard dog company fighting for an Open, Honest and Transparent Government in the city of Santa Clara. We are a grassroots company staffed by devoted volunteers working to inform and engage the citizens of Santa Clara.”

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