Make Money Cashing in on YouTube

How to Monetize the YT Platform in 2019

Introducing YouTube — a platform that can yield low-hanging fruit.

If your wallet is thin, your prospects are low, and opportunities offline don’t excite you, there is a way to make money — as a flourishing YouTube video creator and marketer.

YouTube continues to grow exponentially, and more and more folks are making a virtual living from this medium. And you don’t have to be a videographer, a technical guru genius, or a marketing maven to be a YTS (i.e., YouTube Success).

You just have to deliver compelling video and audio content to the right audience — a hungry community desperate for answers to their problems. Once traffic is generated, you then have to offer solutions that will galvanize your tribe towards a purchase.

In this article, I will provide specifics on how to make YouTube your own personal ATM machine, enabling you to generate cash on demand.

Alright, that’s the marketer within me making a strong declaration about other marketers’ potential to make money with YouTube. But toning it down, I’m still an avid believer that those inclined to make money using the YouTube platform, can.

A Closer Look Into YouTube

Can you imagine any online entity having over a billion users? This is the incredible reach of YouTube where throngs of people worldwide clamor for video information and entertainment. Indeed, over 30 million folks per day apportion time out of their schedule to watch over 5 billion videos.

Another eye-popping statistic: Cumulatively, 500 million hours of viewing transpire per day — perhaps more time spent in any activity other than well, you know.

While Desktop YouTube viewing is all too common, mobile video watching is growing even faster. In fact, over 50% of viewers watch using a mobile device where a typical session lasts 40 minutes.

As captivating videos are often shared, and links are incessantly clicked, you may hear the appealing sound of ‘Ka ching.” Even one popular video has the potential of making dime, so it pays to pay attention on how to become a successful You Tuber.

Build a Brand and Create a Band of Customers

Effectively brand your YouTube Channel to gain influence and money.

Think of your YouTube channel as your website, and your videos as pages and/or posts. The idea is to create an alluring channel, peppered with intriguing videos that demand attention and action.

As you add more videos, your strengthening your channel. You’re not only inviting additional viewers and subscribers into your sphere of influence, but you’re also helping your channel to rank higher, as well as optimizing each distinct video.

But in order to ensure proper optimization in both YouTube and Google (yes, YouTube videos are often showcased on the first page of Google), you have to make certain that your videos are relevant.

If your channel is about organic gardening, it does not make sense to create videos that revolve around healthy nutrition. There is a connection between the two, but it’s better to specialize in one niche, or even better, a sub-niche.

If you select a completely different topic to highlight that makes no sense to include in your channel, you’re going to compromise your channel authority even more.

Appropriate, relevant videos, replete with refreshingly helpful content, will fortify your brand and authority, making your videos rank high in YouTube and Google. And high-ranking videos that address viewer concerns and difficulties tend to make money.

Videos with Purpose and Commercial Intent

You can already identify videos that hold no interest for you, or those that you intensely dislike. Robotic voices with sub par content, for instance, can instantly make me click on the close window.

Other videos that showcase speakers who ramble on and don’t get to the point tend to frustrate me as well.

Still other videos capture my attention, but leave me hanging with no clear call to action. (I may then invest time to research solutions offered by the video creator, or more often, look for solutions offered by competing videos.)

You don’t want to make these YouTube novice mistakes.

You not only have to set marketing goals (e.g., attaining X amount of channel subscribers and likes by a certain time), but you must set goals for each of your videos.

You are the all-encompassing producer and director of each video (even if/when you outsource with instructions). Therefore, it behooves you to know the following — and know the components in-depth:

a) Know your audience — It is much easier to create top- notch videos, and maximize impact, when you know your demographic. Who are you trying to market to, and what are their passions, interests, concerns, and problems?

Knowing and catering to your target demographic will produce many “yeses” and financial dividends.

You have to conceptualize the standard viewer / customer avatar, knowing his/her “hot buttons,” and ways to offer help.

Yes, you want your videos to benefit thousands. But until your videos speak to that one representative person, your channel can never reach the level of popularity you hope it attains.

A brand is only strong when viewing it from the prism of the customer. Deliver the goods to a highly targeted demographic, and the money will follow.

b) Know the key issues in the niche or sub-niche while balancing traffic and competition — This is an extension of the first principle. You have to dig deep to find the most pressing emotional triggers for the community.

At the same time, you should concentrate on terms that generate traffic, but whose competition levels are not so severe. You don’t want to make it virtually impossible to gain traffic.

For example, it’s very profitable to concentrate on the stress management field as millions struggle with anxiety. But because the niche attracts such a large pool of video creators and affiliates, it seems more sensible to focus attention on sub-niches, such as “stress management tips.”

Within the sub-niche, look for popular trigger points, such as “deep breathing benefits” or “deep breathing exercises.”

It makes sense to use a free SEO keyword analysis tool, such as the Google Keyword Planner or a paid one, such as Market Samurai. Knowing traffic and competition can help you foment ideas on what YouTube videos to feature.

c) Evaluate trends — Free tools, such as Google Trends, and paid ones, like SEMRush, can be an effective means to a financially prosperous end. They can indicate those niches that are red hot and gaining momentum — topics to cover in a video that converts to cash.

E-cigarettes (vaping), drones and accessories, shapewear, minimalist watches, and other types of items may not have even reached the zenith of their popularity. Look for products that continue to grow exponentially. Better yet, find those winners that have just launched where you can corner the market — at least for a short time.

It’s much easier to make money with YouTube when you give the public what’s in demand.

d) Promote only high quality products — Even if you pick a sizzling hot niche or sub-niche, you will leave money on the table if the products you feature are not high quality.

Moreover, your reputation will take a dip if you stand behind products that don’t deliver on promises and meet or surpass expectations.

As tomorrow’s successful YouTuber, it’s best if you actually use the products that you endorse. There is no more effective persuasive strategy than social proof, including personal testimony. In the event that you don’t have intimate familiarity with the product, it’s imperative you conduct exhaustive research.

Read those blogger impressions, and Amazon / eBay reviews, dissecting the comments of users. See the product from all perspectives, and note the positives and negatives in your commentary.

A complete, well-balanced video review of a worthwhile product can easily materialize into dollars.

e) Use a strong call to action — Viewers will not be able to read your mind. In fact, they may even take action that is counter-intuitive to you.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you tell them how to proceed. Include a link to your blog, for example, where they can discover more information about Product X, and strongly advise them to click it.

(When arriving on your blog, you can then provide an intriguing ‘list magnet’ where folks are almost begging to opt into your list. Instead of using the uninspiring words, “Sign Up,” on the opt-in form, use a phrase such as, “Join Your Other 4,290 Marketing Peers who Rave About my Report.)

Regardless of your online asset, you always want to direct folks to complete a desirable action. Back to the video, ask viewers to hit the ‘like button’ and subscribe.

A convincing call to action will produce sales. And don’t forget to make it as easy as possible for viewers to purchase. Give them any necessary link (perhaps one straight to the sales page), and you can even tell them exactly where the ‘buy now’ button is located.

The Review, Show, and Teach Method to Monetize YouTube

A comprehensive, well-written review of a product can easily convert to sales, especially if the review has a prominent place on Google and other search engines. But skepticism may accompany a written review more readily than a video-based review.

The more the viewer sees, the greater the chance of purchase.

As a clever marketer, it’s best to show your tribe the actual goods. Let them feel as though they’re experiencing it firsthand. If it’s a physical product, scan over its entirety, from every angle. If it’s digital, you can do a screen capture and reveal its components and features to the audience, while stressing its benefits.

People especially appreciate a walk-through or demo as it will foster familiarity with the product. Spend time going over the options, but spend even more time reviewing the benefits.

Teaching in a clear, easy-to-follow manner will aid your quest to make money with YouTube. Step-by-step instruction, with a little repetition to reinforce crucial points, will earn you dollars and additional subscribers.

For example, if you’re touting the latest, greatest cosmetic, show your community how to best apply it. Here, your face will be your canvas, and your shared impressions will be tantamount to sales copy.

You can even cover the mistakes novices make during the cosmetic application process. Show a dramatic ‘before and after shot,’ and the cash register will soon be ringing via your affiliate link.

Here, you can think of yourself as a micro ‘Home Shopping Network,” and use the same effective strategies and methods that the big sharks use. Listen to commercials as well, and you may pick up additional pointers on how to make money using the power of video.

If you’re in the market of digital products, look at the channels of successful YouTubers, and take the time to go through some of their videos.

I’m not insinuating that you have to be anyone other than yourself. I’m just suggesting that they may be using certain methods that can be replicated to your advantage.

And after you create a persuasive video, remember to include your video link. (Yes, even I, a seasoned affiliate marketing veteran, have forgotten to include that important snippet of code.)

Make Money Uploading YouTube Videos with Celebrity Status

As you may recall, you’re building your brand. And what do you know, people are starting to notice you!

Is it possible to build such strong brand awareness and become a prominent player in your online community? Yes, especially if you’re informative and entertaining — or at least your videos are.

My beloved, burgeoning YouTuber, the primary goal here is blowing up your brand (in a good way). Each and every video offers tremendous value and appeal. It’s not about pushing products just yet, but gaining the attention of throngs of fans.

If you need to feature a product or service, ensure that promotion and “salesy gimmicks” don’t take center stage and overwhelm viewers. The product becomes a prop, and you represent the “It factor.”

Eventually, as the trusted and liked face of the brand, you’ll be able to push products with ease. (Again, only represent products that you like and trust.)

Your growing popularity and unstoppable presence may even attract affiliate sponsors. Can you envision your wallet fattening as you make exclusive deals with the movers and shakers of this world?

If you don’t hear from any sponsors, there is nothing stopping you from reaching out to them. You’ll attract someone’s attention when you cite your impressive number of subscribers and average likes per video.

But as a YouTube celebrity with a video blog (vlog), be prepared to spend hours upon hours responding to comments and interacting with your fans. This probably means that aside from YouTube, you should also be active on other popular social media platforms, such as FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.

This is the price of popularity, but it’s well worth it!

But if you have no desire to become a YouTube celebrity, yet still attract a lot of brand attention, you can make a mint promoting others’ products and/or selling your own merchandise.

You can also work with Google Adsense and permit ads to show on your videos. But understand that YouTube’s shift in advertising policy has made it more challenging to make money from this enterprise.

At present, your channel has to amass 10,000 views plus 1,000 subscribers (and 400 watch hours in the last 12 months) for you to participate in the YouTube Partner Program.

When you complete these hurdles, you can earn a few cents here, a few cents there, that can quickly add up when you have a large, active viewership.

But whether your audience is large or small, have a companion blog — another asset that you can monetize. Folks interested in your videos may very well be intrigued by your written thoughts and ideas. (If you’re not a wordsmith, you can always outsource blog content.)

Think of yourself as the proverbial spider catching flies in your web of influence. The only difference is that you’re not going to devour those you attract; instead, they’re going to devour all that you offer.

Learn the ABC’s of Making Money on YouTube

Authority builds credibility (ABC) while the converse is true as well.

As you produce stellar and useful content, your trustworthiness will surge. When you’ve elevated yourself to a certain level, and become known in your niche or sub-niche, cynicism and skepticism will wane, and your degree of authority becomes solidified as you continue to provide value.

This high degree of authority creates this obvious ABC: Authority brings cash. Public opinion may be so favorable that you may decide to introduce your brand to other outlets, including online learning platforms, such as Udemy.

You can create a series of informative videos on a topic in demand, and draw a score of students. Their enrollment will help you make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Leverage your YouTube popularity and get paid to instruct.

But you still have to serve as the primary marketer, assuming the responsibility of drawing traffic to your course. (You can target would-be students with other YouTube videos.)

Once a student clicks on your link and inspects your course, Udemy then puts a magical HTML cookie on that person’s browser. This tagging cookie will enable Udemy to remarket the course (in the person’s Facebook newsfeed) should this individual not immediately enroll.

Before you put up a shingle, see what courses seem to be popular on Udemy. High student enrollment in a niche or sub-niche may be a promising harbinger of the type of results you may achieve. (Of course, mileage may vary, especially if certain instructors already have a recognizable brand.)

But if you’re still trying to make a name for yourself in your designated field, you may offer a free course on Udemy. You won’t be paid via student tuition, but you will gain visibility that will help you in the long run.

But you may not want to give up any control or commission to an outside company. You always have the option of keeping all videos in-house — whether you charge for them or not. (I’m a proponent of getting paid for your work, and building a buyer list as opposed to a freebie list.)

You can always make money with your YouTube videos, assembling them on your own blog, or showcasing them on a separate domain that features a type of e-commerce store.

Yondo is becoming a very hot destination for those who want to sell videos, video consultations, webinars, online classes, and such. You’ll choose your niche and then feature your own video courses and playlists.

You can offer your product on Yondo’s server and still select your own domain. Alternatively, you can integrate your wares on your own site using Yondo’s infrastructure, and even their templates, if you wish.

There are options galore. You can customize your preview video, add compelling call-to-actions in your video, add overlays, share documents and files, send automatic email messages to your customers, and price accordingly. (You can offer a monthly membership subscription, a one-time fee, a pay-per-view choice, or a free giveaway.)

The cheapest price for a Yondo account is currently set at $27 per month, paid annually. But the return on investment can be quite high.

Realize that there are many players in the field when it’s time to feature your videos. UScreen is another video distribution platform that seems to have its share of fans. Their collaboration feature is widely praised, allowing the member to work in concert with another member on the same subscription channel.

Here is another option: Use a powerhouse like Shopify. You can control the appearance of your store with visually appealing templates. Easy-to-use reporting features can help you keep track of orders and analyze your order history. This information can help you streamline and target your marketing campaigns.

When deciding among vendors, keep one eye on price, but keep an even more focused eye on what benefits and features you’ll accrue by using a given platform.

Monetize YouTube with Interviews

Are you still having trouble making a living on YouTube? Are still not a name brand in your chosen community? Why not solve both concerns by rubbing elbows with those of stature.

Yes, you can ride on the coattails of others until you’re at the head of the line, or the top of the pecking order.

An interview prevents leaving money on the YouTube table.

Case in point: Phil McGraw, PhD. (“Dr. Phil”) and Dr. Mehmet Oz achieved instant stardom when they first appeared on the Oprah Show.

But you don’t need the “Oprah effect” to capitalize on another person’s popularity. In affiliate marketing circles, Mike Thomas, better known as “Mike from Maine” has earned a handsome living interviewing his fellow marketers who launch products.

Mike seems at ease in front of the camera, but even if you lack his poise, you can still have enough composure to ask questions, and offer comments that keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Remember, it’s not really about you, or your interviewing skill. It’s about gaining kernels of wisdom from the interviewee, and sharing pearls of sage advice with your audience.

An appreciative audience may then show reciprocation in the form of purchasing any product, accessible through your affiliate link.

You can also monetize the interview itself, with the interviewee’s permission, of course. Here, you can split the profit equally.

There may even be a collaborative opportunity in the future as you now have a relationship with this esteemed colleague.

When it comes to making money on YouTube, think of every avenue possible so that you may create multiple streams of revenue.

What do Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec have in common? Yes, they’re all “wealthy sharks,” appearing on Shark Tank, but they share other commonalities: They consistently look to strengthen their brand, scope for opportunities, and ride the waves towards prosperity. (They’re not afraid of falling under the waves as well.)

These famous entrepreneurs could have turned down Shark Tank. I’m sure they have multiple commitments. But they recognized that the show would provide a platform for increased brand visibility. In addition, they saw the potential to make additional millions by partnering with promising business owners.

Perhaps your initial goal is to grow that YouTube channel. But as you gain a strong following, realize that advancing popularity will help you create opportunities. Some may automatically come your way; you may have to initiate others.

There is the prospect of becoming a YouTube celebrity, already discussed. (Some folks have even attained this status by interviewing celebrities or dishing out celebrity gossip.)

You may get so big that you can offer a paid subscription plan for exclusive content. Here, you can sell your own merchandise on these $4.99/month “channel memberships.”

But if you wish to shun stardom, and just want a different way to profit from video-based popularity, you may decide to convert those impressive YouTube stats offline in the form of live speaking engagements.

Indeed, your online clout may open offline doors. Speaking at niche-related conventions and meetings will only enhance your reputation, and increase the number of fans you have.

Networking opportunities may further develop, offering more profit pathways than you can imagine. As you step to the forefront, others may ask you to provide consultation and/or collaboration.

A YouTube presence can engender ripples of earnings.

The Types of Videos that Make Money on YouTube

I’m an advocate of content over form. Here, it’s much more important to produce content that resonates with your audience then the manner in which you present that content.

But I don’t mean to suggest that the type of video you create has little significance. After all, how can your video appeal to an audience when they don’t like the manner in which you showcase information?

Decide on the type of video and content you’ll create.

Here are several popular types of videos that you can monetize:

Review videos — You prudently select your sub-niche with the mandatory desperate demographic. You then find the perfect product to solve a main concern of that demographic.

Shoot the video, providing ample discussion about the product’s pros and cons. You can rely on screen capture software, such as Screencast-O-Matic.

You may wish to appear as a “talking head” in a corner of a window using a “picture within a picture” option. You can create this effect using a video editing tool, such as CyberLink PowerDirector.

How-to Videos — People are naturally inquisitive and curious. Others long to figure out a problem that has baffled them.

You can play teacher, if not savior, by offering the answers on how to perform a certain task.

You can use a simple smartphone camera if you’re showing your audience how to cook butternut squash. You can use PowerPoint to show how to be productive where each slide presents or expounds on a productivity tip.

Explainer videos, created with the help of tools, such as Vyond or Powtoon, can easily capture the attention of a demanding audience. As a marketer, I would attempt to create an entertaining and imaginative explainer video if I was revealing how to keep YouTube viewers’ interest and make your subscribers stick.

Educational Videos — Aside from how-to videos, you may present other types of informative videos that answer pressing questions, simplify difficult tasks, or convey important information and facts.

Your goal here is to offer a worthwhile learning experience for your viewers. They’ve clicked your video to gain insight and understanding about a particular topic. You can’t afford to disappoint them.

You can use a combination of video editing tools. When creating educational videos, I tend to rely on Focusky, a dependable presentation software, and PresenterMedia, a resource for PowerPoint templates, 3D animations and clip art.

If I’m really trying to develop the “wow factor,” I’ll rely on my VideoBlocks membership to use amazing video clips, motion backgrounds, and after effects.

“Best of” or “Top Seven type” Videos — We know the attention span of your audience may be calculated by milliseconds. I exaggerate, but you really have to capture viewer focus rather quickly.

What better way to do so than by creating a best of list or top seven list. For example, you may have a lot of knowledge about the best WordPress themes presently available. A concise, informative video about this topic may save viewers countless hours performing their own research.

In addition, the viewers will feel that they’re getting only the most useful nuts and bolts. They may even draw closer to you, feeling part of each pivotal moment.

You can experiment with the use of background audio music, available from many sources, including AudioBlocks.

Videos that Stir Human Emotion — Any videos that entertain, elicit laughter or joy, motivate and inspire, or pull at heartstrings or consciousness, can elevate your brand and expand your financial coffers.

For example, there are several successful affiliate marketers who have created videos that are meant to inspire and give hope to others. These videos may include personal experience, quotes, and lessons to overcome hardship.

Good will engenders (relationships are definitely part of the business equation), and your fan base may easily increase.

“Talking head” videos where the marketer appears throughout the video would be suitable in the example above.

A Final Thought — The Best Way to Monetize YouTube and Earn a Living

I’ve covered many methods to make money on YouTube. I’ve also provided a complimentary sample of the types of videos that monetize well. And I also gave suggestions on resources to use when creating videos.

But at the end of a long, creative day, the end goal is to make coin. By building a channel, replete with worthwhile information, and supported by avid fans and subscribers, you’re more than halfway towards that ‘Marketing Promised Land.”

You’ll get to your financial destination even quicker if you start selling your own products. You’ll no longer have to share profit as an affiliate.

Support YouTube and it can support you.

You can accrue the entire 100% of revenue as product creator. Please don’t believe this is beyond the scope of your capabilities. After all, there are myriad courses teaching how to launch a product.

In summary, making money with YouTube is a time-consuming, challenging endeavor.

But it’s more than possible when you exercise patience, persistence, and pragmatic strategies … such as the ones outlined here.

Take action now and you may eventually be in a position to answer the question, “How to make money with YouTube?”

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